I just noticed the Jabber module in Webmin is inoperable compared to the ease of most other modules. It appears that the base jabber server program has gone through two major updates. My Ubuntu only offers the jabberd2, but I see on GitHub there's a jabberd3.

I cannot responsibly make the current Jabber module work because of the changes. e.g. the Jabber XML config file isn't named similar, the /etc/jabberd2 directory now has 6 XML files!

  1. c2s.xml
  2. router-filter.xml
  3. router-users.xml
  4. router.xml
  5. s2s.xml
  6. sm.xml

I don't want you guys to do any useless work, but... Lots of desireable Federated systems have extensions for XMPP services. There may be some demand in the future for Webmin & Virtualmin clients and tire kickers to have such a module for ease of management.

Also, I wonder if that jabber is the best one to use anyway. I looked into ejabberd as well. https://docs.ejabberd.im/ Hard to tell what is best.