VirtualMin users not allowed to edit php 7.2 php.ini


I have installed rh-php72 from centos-sclo-sclo, and it works fine under VirtualMin.

I and users can select php7.2 and it works

But users are not allowed to edit php7.2 php.ini parameters, they get: "You are not allowed to manage this PHP configuration file"

They can edit php7,.0 and php5.... versions.

I being the admin can edit the php7.2 params.

I compared the file mode and ownership for php7.2/php.ini with php7.0/php.ini - they are equal.

Is there a config file in /etc/webmin or elsewhere, that needs editing?

Versions: CentOS Linux 7.6.1810, Webmin version 1.900



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

What PHP Execution Mode is being used? If it's using PHP-FPM or mod_php, it wouldn't be possible to make edits to that file.

You can see that in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

PHP script execution mode: FCGId (same as for php7.0, ... where users are allowed to change php.ini settings

Okay, thanks for the info!

One last question --

Are you saying that if you change the PHP version being used by that domain to PHP 7.0 (which can be done in in Server Configuration -> PHP versions), is your Virtual Server owner then able to edit it?

I know that's the case with other domains on your system, just verifying that's the case with this one.

I have discoveret, that it is not a problem for all users but maybe only for one user with 2 sites. He (and I impersonating him) go to Services /PHP 7.0 Configuration and all is well. Then he (and I impersonating him) go to Services /PHP 7.2 Configuration and get "You are not allowed to manage this PHP configuration file". So I wander, what condition or configuration triggers that error message.

It may only be a problem for users created before I added PHP 7.2 to the system, and not for users created after that.

No that is not the case either - the problem exists for some, but not all users.

Did you only recently install PHP 7.2 on that system?

Yes, shortly after it became available as an rh_scl package fram centos

You may need to select the user's top-level domain from the left menu, click on Edit Virtual Server, then click Save.

Thanks Jamie, that fixed the problem. And thank you for always swift high-quality support for a great system. / Harald