The templet AWstats configuration file does not exist

Hi Joe,

I'm afraid I have never been one to leave things well enough alone. I had a hard time getting Virtualmin to install on my system a few weeks ago, you were kind enough to help me out, and Virtualmin installed just fine. So I decided this week to reformat the server and do a fresh install of SUSE-10.0 and Virtualmin to see how it installs or if I was just lucky.

During the install of Virtualmin,, Webmin and Usermin install just fine using "chmod +x" and "./". Virtualmin did not install. After changing the order of the Known sources: and running command "/sbin/yast -i virtualmin-base" Virtualmin installed.

Now,,,, after running the Virtualming configuration check I get this message: "The template AWstats configuration file /etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf does not exist".

When I go to AWstats Reporting to configure it I get this message,"The template AWstats configuration file /etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf does not exist. Check the module configuration to make sure it is using the correct paths".

Could use some more help with this one.


Closed (fixed)