ClamAV not working and clean install fails due to: Missing Dependency: clamav = 0.88-1.vm

Hi Joe, I'm still having problem with ClamAV, see my reopened Bug #345. Clamav don't update and I don't know if is is working at all. I don't want to mess around with our running public server so I decided to do a clean FC4 install on our test-server in our private network for testing and try to figure out the clamav problem and how it should be configured, but the installation of Virtualmin Pro fails (using the latest due to same problem as our public server!!!
Error: Missing Dependency: clamav = 0.88-1.vm is needed by package clamd
Installation failed: 1
Removing virtualmin-release package, so that installation can be re-attempted
after any problems reported are resolved.
[root@fedora ~]#

So I could not install Virtualmin Pro on the test-server, my big concern is not the test-server istallation it is our running public server. As I told earlier I don't know if ClamAV is working, and does NOT update the Virus database. The problem with the missing dependency still remains.

Another thing I was thinking about, Is our server which was installed in november 2005 getting all updates and fixes true yum or is there things that need a new install to get "fixed" or updated. Our server is just hosting a few domain at the moment, have not yet been able to get all small things working/installed the way I want so our old WHM/Cpanel server had to be paid for another year and is still hosting all other domains. Actually I was just about to start moving all domains to our FC4/Virtualmin Pro server when my Spamassassin and the Usermin mail/spam issue was solved about a week ago, then the dependency and clamav issue came up again. So, I think I'll have to pospone the moving of domains again!

Any suggestions or ideas about this?!

Leif BlÄfors

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