Multiple PHP Versions - Debian 8, 9 and Ubuntu - Issues

Here is my report related to using "PHP Versions" in Virtualmin. This applies to Debian 8, 9 and Ubuntu 16, 18.

  1. Any Apache module php should be disabled. If it is not disabled "Server API" will indicate "Apache 2.0 Handler". Also "Loaded Configuration File" will indicate "/etc/[php_version]/apache2/php.ini", instead of "/home/[virtual_host_name]/[php_version]/php.ini.

Observation: When doing a [Re-Check Configuration] check also if any Apache module php is loaded then disable it, restarting apache service. This module is enabled by default if someone is upgrading the operating system.

  1. When you upgrade OS version from Debian 8 to 9, Debian 9 will install PHP 7.0 minimal by default. It is not installing php7.0-cgi which is very important to run properly FastCGI when you switch from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0 version in your host.

Observation: When doing a [Re-Check Configuration] check if php7.0-cli and php7.0-cgi modules are installed. If they are not install them and restart apache service.

  1. Server Configuration -> PHP Versions feature is not working properly. This feature allows you to switch php versions in your virtual host but is not doing the full job in background.

Observation 1: Virtualmin detects correctly all php versions. Missing /home/[virtual_host]/etc/[php_new_version] folder (e.g. for 7.0 version). Virtualmin should create this folder when switching to PHP7.0. Also this folder should have inside a configuration php.ini file.

Observation 2: When you switch php versions the symbolic link in /home/[virtual_host]/etc/php.ini is targeting correctly the file (e.g. /php5/php.ini or php7.0.ini). Switching to PHP 7.0 symlink points to php7.0 and the folder is missing see Observation1.

Observation 3.1: Virtualmin is correctly creating this file /home/[virtual_host]/fcgi/php7.0.fcgi. As it is now "PHPRC=$PWD/../etc/php7.0" if you look for this folder it is missing, see Observation1.

Observation 3.2: "exec /usr/bin/php7.0" it is a wrong command. As it is now all your php pages will become downloadable in browser. Normally it should be "exec /usr/bin/php-cgi7.0". I guess this is happening because php7.0-cgi was not install. See point 2. Virtualmin should install php7.0-cgi to make this working and using the right command in fcgi file.

In short these are the issues I found related to multiple PHP Versions in Debian 8 and 9:

  1. Apache mod PHP, any version, should be disabled.

  2. Install php-cgi module for all php versions if they are missing.

  3. Create /home/[virtual_host]/etc/[php_versions] folder for every php version used in fcgi files. These folders should have a php.ini file inside.

  4. Update symbolic link in /home/[virtual_host]/etc/php.ini to point the right php version used by virtual host.

  5. Update command "exec /usr/bin/php[version]" to "exec /usr/bin/php-cgi[version]" in /home/[virtual_host]/fcgi/php[version].fcgi. (php-cgi module should be install before for all php-versions).

Thank you.

P.S. I upgraded 5 servers to the latest OS versions in this weekend all having Virtualmin. I managed to make them working based on the observations above, but manually. A white ball, Virtualmin is changing correctly sites configuration in Apache folder for every php version.



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