php versions

I would like to see virt be able to handle extending server php version from within virt. right now the version supported like centos or ubuntu have issues using third party repos because of modifications that can be made to apache. If virt was able to have these version available within their own repo it would allow us to use the long term linux versions and not have to be reloading our servers every 18 months as new versions of supported distros that are not LTS(enterprise) come out.



adding a third party php repo to centos is easy but ubuntu gets fouled up. I ahve some comments i made in the forusm about the issues with explains things in detail. for cent i would HIGHLY suggest the instlaler enabled the software collection repo when allows instlaling never packages within the default frame work oncent(namely mysql and php) and doesn't cause issue.

i am guessing you folks are using the Ubuntu ppa to extend ubuntu's php capabilities....unfortunately this places Ubuntu out of its default state..once you "fix" it the next time you run apt to update virt it is going to overwrite with it's you have a broken mess in terms of PHP and Apache. Extending PHP in cent is much easier because remi's repo doesn't mess with any Apache files..unlike Ubuntu ppa. I have a cent 7 server that has php 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 all at the same time..easily..because the third party repos do not screw with the apache configs. upgrading sql in cent puts me in the same mess with databases as upgrading php does in ubuntu. I would HIGHLY suggest if you are using 16.04 to NOT use the ppa to try to get anything other than php 7.0 until Ubuntu releases official packages for it. I am waiting for the 18.04 branch to become officially supported then i am going to backup virt...pave the server..and then restore into it's base default PHP 7.2.x series. If you want faster updates use Debian but you will be reloading every 18-24 months.

this issue is the same for cent 7 but with mysql. the software collections has sql 8 available..but the virt installer is not aware of it. Cent is much easier to extend with the software collections repo...btw that repo is provided by cent themselves so it techniclaly isn't a third party repo. It currently contains sql 8.0 and php 7.2

in 16.04 the ppa is mangling virts configuration..then when an update is run the configs get reset and then it's a hot mess. I think for ubuntu virt should manage the php packages in their own repos to avoid the ppa from mangling virt's apache. This is not a huge problem in cent..except for sql/mariahdb. It would be nice if virt would use the scl as a base repo to upgrade cent to sql 5.7 at least..if not higher.