virt not loading site trying to download php

I try to load a newly launched site and i get a download box with the browser wanting to download a php file. This is ubuntu 16.04 which is supported. Any ideas?



Howdy -- it sounds like you're seeing this issue here:

Although the document mentions CentOS, which is where we most often see the issue, there are definitely circumstances where that can occur on Ubuntu.

Try the troubleshooting steps described there (the ones looking for "SetHandler" lines), and see if that helps with the issue you're seeing.

this is a site that is was running on my centos mahcine. I used the virt backup to import it to my new ubuntu server. I nuked the backup site..and recreated with a blank wordpress isntall from the script installer..the issue remains..thi is a fresh install...why does this problem present now on a fresh install?

ok close this..i am going to pave the server and start over.