SSL not working

I requested a ssl certificate for, and, tho it doesnt display that in a browser.



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

When browsing to that site, and reviewing the SSL certificate that's been setup, it does appear it's been configured with all those domain names.

When browsing to the site, are you using "https://" before the domain? You'd need that to ensure that SSL is being used.

ok, that works. but when i browse to other sites it automatically takes me to the https://. why is that and how do i configure that for my site?

What website software you planning to use?

You're able to set the URL within the config of many website apps, such as WordPress.

You can also configure website redirects using Virtualmin in Server Configuration -> Website Redirects.

i am planning on using typo3(the installation of it doesnt work tho, there is a different issue for that where i havent recieved any answer yet.)

Okay, understood. I unfortunately don't know if typo3 offers that particular option, you may need to review the documentation for it to see if that's an option.

However, you can also setup a redirect in Virtualmin as described above, or, you can also use a .htaccess file with a rewrite rule.

Ok so the issue i have right now is that i dont get an answer nor any sort of response to my other issues since a week or so... i just dunno what to do so i posted it here since i did get answers here...

Reviewing your tickets, it appears that they've all had responses, with the exception of your issue installing Typo3.

We'll need Jamie's help with that one, as it may be a bug with the install script itself. I'll follow up on that to see if Jamie has any thoughts.

However, if there's another issue other than installing Typo3 that you're seeing an issue with, you may need to follow up on that.