Pydio cells - latest version


I just bought Vertualmin because of all the install scripts you have.

After buying it, I just realised that the scripts are more than 2 years old and not updated.

Even the feature to install unsupported version scripts fails as it does not include for new versions like Pydio Cells.

Do you have any intention to update the scripts, including any newer software?




Right now Virtualmin only supports the PHP version of Pydio - the new "Cells" version is written in Go which is going to be much more complex to support in terms of dependencies.

Note that if the above is a problem, and you were looking forward to using Pydio Cells in Virtualmin with the automatic installer, we can certainly cancel and refund your license. Let us know if you want us to do that!

Some things you need to implement yourself. Good points though, they remind me of the path I took, before I arrived here.

There are of course OTHER technologies: bitnami / vagrant, docker, etc..

There are of COURSE other technologies: bitnami / vagrant, docker, etc..

There are of course other TECHNOLOGIES: bitnami / vagrant, docker, etc..

Please pay attention to the capitalization: they each describe the same software, or the same You - in different distress: on one side of the software you are the buyer, the other side you are the seller.

"Vertualmin" is a Cloud-grade software - much of what it does is not documented ANYWHERE else on the planet. The same goes for any other Cloud-grade software, the only source of help and documentation is by the user community. There are maybe a 100 people on the entire planet Earth scripting and coding, reading and writing Cloud-grade enterprise-level software for EACH of the clouds. There are of course countless CONTRIBUTORS - but again, different scope.

If the software publisher of Pydio Cells do not have the resources, or the interest, to keep their own software up-to-date with Virtualmin, OpenStack, Cloudstack, etc.. this is a really interesting scenario.

As I said, this reminds me of something.. I also hope you DO understand that I am only a customer, not affiliated with Virtualmin in any other way... Many years ago I read some repeated complaints about 'frameworks' - there are so many of them, but where is the software? And so the Cloud was conceived.

To be honest, from my very persona POV if I had $1000 to donate either to Virtualmin or to a php framework - I would donate $2000 to Virtualmin. The only reason is I have love for both, but as I read repeatedly many years ago - I do not have the faith in yet another php framework.

Which by the way related to my issues with support in Virtualmin for PostgreSQL and for LDAP - both php apps. Where are the apps?!

The LDAP support in Virtualmin is, by my standards, PERFECT. There is a download schema button, then you add that schema to your servers(s). etc,, etc..Open a new support thread if you need help configuring replicating LDAP servers and hook-up to virtualmin. The php ldap manager? I am not sure, as far as Webmin concerned the tools work.

On the PostgreSQL - do not use the php thing. My employer has a few machines, surprisingly the newest of all we got, running on PostgreSQL - but they are SOOOOO locked down that even views throw errors - totally bad configuration. I am not sure if this is vendor, php or act-of-god.

Again, I am the lucky one from the POV of a customer. I sure feel for the bastards on the other side of the deal.

Which brings me to my (its only me) ultimate php app - Joomla!

I use it with a combination of Fabrik and Kunena, over Gantry 5. As I wrote I have deep admiration for php and Joomla! and Virtualmin - but I would NEVER let my web of Joomla! installed by Virtualmin or any other script. There is no way I am going to ever post a "help-me to install Joomla!" on this public forum.

I would let you try and explain what went wrong and help you ... but I would never ASK for help. IF you use and know and love Pydio Cells I was hoping you bring here something of use to all of us?

Pydio Cells certainly looks interesting, but the way it is distributed looks like it will be quite tricky to install on a domain by domain basis. But I'll look into it..

Wow, thanks for getting back to me. I signed up to virtualmin to reduce the time it would take to install Pydio cells.

I have subsequently manually installed it, so if you could please cancel my license and refund me.