pop3/smtp not working from external client but does receive mail

the following is in my virtual server email:

Email domain: farmersfields.farm SMTP server: mail.farmersfields.farm POP3 server: mail.farmersfields.farm

however it isn't able to login from kmail. am I doing something wrong?



pop3 has an error: host not found

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It looks like you are using a third party for your DNS; in this case, it appears to be no-ip.com.

That means any domain or sub-domain that needs to be resolvable would need to be setup at your DNS provider.

To get that working, you'd need to log into no-ip.com, and ensure "mail.farmersfields.farm" is setup with an A or CNAME record in order to get it to resolve properly.

does it need another mx record in the aname?

The issue you're seeing is related to a missing A/CNAME record. I don't believe there is an issue with the MX record.