php not executing..php files downloading

I have hit this. I would like ot use Ubuntu but i thought ubuntu was the buggy's virt:



I only have the php installed from virt..i do NOT have additional versions. I ahve made no additions tot he system other than what virt installs. Is there an official patch coming for this bug? I do not want to do a applying multiple workarounds has led to my centos virt server being unstable.

Howdy -- unfortunately, Ubuntu 18.04 is not yet considered one of the supported distro versions.

You can see the supported versions here:

It's considered beta quality now, though when it's fully supported we'll add it to the page above.

It can be made to work with some tweaks, which we can help with, though if you're looking for something stable out of the box we'd suggest going with one of the supported distros such as Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 9, or CentOS 7.

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Submitted by Shwele on Tue, 11/20/2018 - 07:13

I have same issue on ubuntu 16.04, so its not related to non supported versions.

Reinstalled virtutalmin from scratch 3 times using default LAMP setup, getting same issue with it. Here is more elaborated information on topic I created last week: