Where should we pull clamav from - EPEL or Virtualmin repository?

Clamav on our Virtualmin systems has always been quite problematic, causing frequent error messages. And I believe that's because two repositories - EPEL and Virtualmin's - conflict with each other. So could you please clarify which one f two repositories clamav should be coming from on Virtualmin systems? If it should be downloaded from Virtualmin repository and we need also to run EPEL repository on our systems, then what configuration exactly should be? Will giving higher priority to Virtualmin repository suffice or should we completely exclude clamav from downloading from EPEL repository at all to be on safer side?

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 10/17/2018 - 08:40 Pro Licensee

ClamAV is not in our repositories if you installed using the current (VM6) installer that's been available for about a year and a half. We enable EPEL during installation and pull it directly from there. (The Virtualmin repositories you should be using are in https://software.virtualmin.com/vm/6/, if you leave off the /vm/6, you'll get the old repos, which aren't suitable for new installs.)

The previous installer did not use EPEL repos for anything, so there shouldn't be clashes there either...you'd need to take precautions if you enabled EPEL manually on an old install, to only install the packages you know you want (either using the include or exclude options). We've always recommended using third party repositories selectively...pick exactly what you want from those repos and only pull that. But, EPEL is kinda of a reasonable middle ground...it just happened to be incompatible with our ClamAV packages.

Anyway, this shouldn't be an issue with recent installations.