Script refuses to install

I purchased a script a few hours ago.

I was experimenting with various scrips to choose one to work as calendar to make schedules.

The objective was to find one that would send me an email everytime I had an appointment.

For some reason while installing horde, to use horde based apps, the following error was given:

Found in cache ..

Installing PHP Pear module Log ..

.. failed to install!

It seems also there is a sort of problem with the sources list because sometimes some packages aren't found through command line.

Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Horde is a bit of a, well, problem child :-)

We used to love that app as an Install Script... but beginning at Horde 4.x, they changed the way the installation worked in a way that made it incompatible with Virtualmin, and installing in a per-directory basis.

The only version included with Virtualmin at the moment is version 3.x, which is quite a bit old at this point, and likely wouldn't work on modern distros.

We've long been considering removing it entirely, and we may be at that point now where it's necessary to do so. The version available as an Install Script is over 5 years old, and no longer receives any updates, and we'd highly recommend against using that for any sort of production use.

Unfortunately, that means the only way to use a current Horde version would be to install it manually.