Php Problems


I & my server support have been having problems with this for over a week now.

1. FCGId (run as virtual server owner) is failing to execute php files, it just keeps downloading them.

2. Why oh why have you guys set the default version when installing the script to have the default php version of 5.4.16, and the some time back install had 5.3. The latest version of phpmyadmin wants php5.5. Could you not have an option for us to change it to say php55 or php56? Please can you guys move with the times, soon all these lower versions of php versions will end of life. Now i have to remove php5.4.16, which is another pain. My server has been down for over a month and this stuff does not help.

So please can you tell me how i can remove php5.4.16, without messing anything up with webmin, virtualmin

If so where in the file can i change this php version to a higher one?

This is so frustrating. A lot of us want straight forward items that work once installed.




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

The PHP version you're seeing is the one included with your Linux distribution. CentOS does tend to offer older PHP versions, especially when compared to other distributions we support. However, they also support it for a long time, which is one of the benefits of CentOS.

To help supplement the software included with their distribution, they have the SCL repository.

Using the SCL repository, you can install multiple PHP versions side-by-side.

Newer versions of the Virtualmin installer use that repository and install additional PHP versions automatically, though existing installations would need to follow the steps here to get newer PHP versions from there: