rainloop as webmail access


I am trying to replace roundcube with rainloop. on my server i have installed roundcube at the root of the domain. any virtualmin servers there after can access their emails via this roundcube.. avoids me to install it on each domain :)

Now when i try to achieve the same with rainloop, it erros out saying that the domain in nott allowed. any idea how can we get this also to work like roundcube?




That is probably best a question for the rainloop developers.

I think what Jamie is saying there is that Virtualmin is doing a standard installation there, we're not quite sure why you're seeing that behavior.

I did review the Rainloop website in the hopes of finding some details about that problem, but so far as I can tell they don't have the Rainloop configuration file documented on their site.

You may need to look for the configuration file (which I think is called "application.ini", and see if there's anything in that which is restricting who may log into the application.

Barring that -- we're not really sure, so asking the Rainloop community might be your best bet. You're also welcome to ask in the Forums here, it's possible other folks there are familiar with what changes need to be made for that.