wordpress custom config with cookie less domain

Hello Team,

Is there way to provide this option, at the time of the wordpress install script? or could you guide as to how i can automate this, make a customer version of the installation script?


Why do i need a CDN ;)


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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Reviewing the link there -- I'll offer that I'm not convinced about the benefits of going with the cookie-less domains they're talking about :-)

That said, if that's a direction you wish to go -- the only way to do that within the Virtualmin GUI would be to create your own Install Script based on the WordPress script. The trouble there is that the WordPress Install Script is updated fairly frequently... so you have to update it each time there's a new one in Virtualmin.

Another option that doesn't use the Virtualmin GUI, would be to make a script on the command line that installs WordPress and then makes the adjustments you're after. Using Virtualmin's command line tools, you could use the command "virtualmin install-script ..." to do a WordPress install, and then immediately follow that up with the customizations you're after.

Personally, instead of the above, I might suggest creating a WordPress plugin that creates any customizations that your organization recommends (such as the ones in the article you linked to), and then provide instructions to your clients on how to install your WordPress plugin.

So they could use Virtualmin to install WordPress, then they just install your plugin afterwards.

If you're really interested in doing it all at the Install Script level -- you're certainly welcome to do that as well, though that'll require scripting and Perl knowledge to do that.

My suggestion in that case would be to get it to the point where you're able to make the modifications you need from a bash script on the command line, and once that's working, to then work to incorporate it in the Install Script.

There's documentation on creating Install Scripts here:


The WordPress Install Script is located in "/usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/scripts/wordpress.pl", and I'd probably end up adding the new code to do that in the function "script_wordpress_install" (though again, I'd recommend getting it to work in a simpler bash script first).

Thanks for your inputs, I think as you suggest that i manage this inside of wordpress could be a better option.