Failed to install script : Don't know which file to add to While trying to instal roundcube


I get this error when trying to install roundcube from virtualmin: Failed to install script : Don't know which file to add to

can anyone tell me why I am getting this error and how to fix it?


Needs work


Howdy -- hmm, that's an unusual error, I don't think I've run into that before.

Can you paste in the full output that's generated when trying to install that particular script?

Also, was that being installed with the default options, or were any of the install script options changed from the default?

Hello, Thanks for your answer. See we have a script that installs servers. We noticed the following: is you see serv37 install correctly serv39 gave the error

Notes on ser39: when we try to install any script (Roundcube, wordpress etc...) using virtualmin cli command like

/usr/sbin/virtualmin install-script --domain --type roundcube --version latest --path /webmail --db mysql roundcube --newdb

we have this error

Error: Don't know which file to add to

also when we try to intsall any script from the virtualmin GUI we have the same error..

NOTE!! at the step when we create a new virtualhost using virtualmin create domain cli command.. we have one error in the creation of virtualhost steps..

Performing other Apache configuration .. .. configuration failed : Don't know which file to add to at ../ line 1493.

but all is work fine on the server..

Thanks a lot