ClamAV 0.88.1 Released on 4/4/2006

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Subject: [Clamav-announce] announcing ClamAV 0.88.1
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 17:12:03 +0200
From: Luca Gibelli
To: ClamAV Announce

Dear ClamAV users,

this version fixes a number of minor bugs and provides code updates to improve virus detection.

Here is the full ChangeLog:

Tue Apr 4 12:04:07 CEST 2006
V 0.88.1
* Bugfixes:
- libclamav/matcher.c: properly handle partial reads in cli_scandesc()
- libclamav/mbox.c: sync with CVS, fixes detection of Worm.Bagle.CT
- freshclam: fix support for LocalIPAddress
Patch by Anton Yuzhaninov (citrin*
- docs/man: multiple manpage typo fixes
Patch by A. Costa (agcosta*
- shared/output.c: properly handle return value of vsnprintf
Thanks to Anton Yuzhaninov (citrin*
- libclamav/htmlnorm.c: fix typo spotted by Gianluigi Tiesi
- sigtool/sigtool.c: fix possible crash in build(), thanks to Sven
- clamd/session.c: remove static timeout (5s) for SESSION
Pointed out by Joseph Benden (joe*
- libclamav/pe.c: fix possible integer overflow reported by Damian Put
Note: only exploitable if file size limit (ArchiveMaxFileSize) disabled
- libclamav/scanners.c: properly report archive unpacking errors
Problem spotted by David F. Skoll (dfs*
- libclamav/others.c: fix possible crash in cli_bitset_test()
Reported by David Luyer (david_luyer*
- libclamav/zziplib: fix possible crash on FreeBSD
Reported by Robert Rebbun (robert*
- clamav-milter: fall back if sendfile() fails

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