Missing 'mailto:' in DMARC URI scheme

Creating a virtual server with DMARC enabled Virtualmin automatically adds a corresponding line in DNS:

_dmarc.domain.com. IN TXT "v=DMARC1; pct=100; ruf=postmaster@domain.com; rua=postmaster@domain.com; p=none"

However, if you check your domain on https://secure.fraudmarc.com/tool/dmarc, then it gives error:

You don't have a valid DMARC Record 1. missing 'mailto:' URI scheme: postmaster@domain.com 2. missing 'mailto:' URI scheme: postmaster@domain.com

because the DNS line for DMARC was in fact supposed to be:

_dmarc.domain.com. IN TXT "v=DMARC1; pct=100; ruf=mailto:postmaster@domain.com; rua=mailto:postmaster@domain.com; p=none"

Please have this corrected.

Needs work


Additional the "p=" SOULD be right after the "v=".

And it would be nice if there where fields / dropdowns for "adkim" and "aspf"