Failed Installation for Horde

Hi, I'm installing Horde in a virtual server in virtualmin but I can't. I received 2 errors from installing php70-imap and php pear. Looking at the first error image uploaded, it seems that the system has managed the php70-imap but php pear doesn't. I've followed this suggestion but my system says webmin-php-pear is already the newest version (1.5). Please, have someone a suggestion to solve it? Thank you in advance for replies. Best




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Horde is a bit of a, well, problem child :-)

We used to love that app as an Install Script... but beginning at Horde 4.x, they changed the way the installation worked in a way that made it incompatible with Virtualmin, and installing in a per-directory basis.

The only version included with Virtualmin at the moment is version 3.x, which is quite a bit old at this point, and likely wouldn't work on modern distros.

We've long been considering removing it entirely, and we may be at that point now where it's necessary to do so. The version available as an Install Script is over 5 years old, and no longer receives any updates, and we'd highly recommend against using that for any sort of production use.

Unfortunately, that means the only way to use a current Horde version would be to install it manually.

Hi AndreyChek, thank you for your quick response (as usual :-) ) OK, no problem, I'll install RoundCube. Thanks a lot. Bye Mike

Okay sounds good! RoundCube is what I use on my personal server.

Note that it has a number of plugins available to it, so it's possible to get all kinds of functionality with it.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!