jk_chrootsh question

My primary account says: Has shell /sbin/jk_chrootsh. How do i enable this for all of the other virtual hosting clients on the server?



Howdy -- it sounds like you are saying the jailkit package is installed, and if you Re-Run the Virtualmin Config Check, that it says "Chroot jails are available on this system".

If that's the case, you can enable chroot jails for the users on your system by going into Administrative Options -> Edit Owner Limits -> Other Restrictions, and there, set "Chroot jail domain Unix user?" to "Yes".

is there a shell command i can use to apply this to all accounts at once?

You can use the API command virtualmin modify-domain --domain example.com --enable-jail

That is still one at a time though right?

You would need to create a simple script that uses the Virtualmin command line to loop over all the domains on your server to enable that option.

A few examples of that can be seen here:


The loop example in the section "Reset passwords for all Virtual Server owners" should do what you're after.