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It's time to renew our license and I have a few questions.

We have always paid our license with a virtual one-time-only Master Card, but Master Card no longer has these totally secure virtual cards. And before adding our business card I have to know that your payment service is connected to Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa? If not, I can't register our card and need some other way to pay our license.

Please let me know if you are connected to Mastercard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa. And if not, in what other way I can pay our license renewal. I don't mind paying some extra if an alternative way to pay needs more work on your end.

Best regards, Leffe

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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 06/23/2018 - 19:08 Pro Licensee

Howdy Leffe,

As far as I know, and from reading the Braintree docs on the subject, those features can't be enabled for recurring payment types because they may ask for a password on each payment. We don't actually handle any credit card information, so it would all be up to Braintree how the data is handled, but I don't think we have the option to enable those features on our recurring payment configuration.

We can accept PayPal payments, if you prefer, for annual licenses (it's too much work for monthly, since we have to handle the order manually). I don't recall how Eric usually handles those, I'll let him chime in on that.

Following up on Joe's post above -- if you're interested in doing Paypal, what you can do is send funds for the license of your choice for one year to

If you're interested in sticking with your Virtualmin 100, for example, you can send $120 to

Once you send the funds, let us know here and we'll handle extending your license.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Hi Joe,

I'm not to happy about registering our company card to any payment gateway that don't use those security features. I understand that it cant be done on recurring billing and that is sad that we can't pay our renewals by a normal invoice anymore, anyway for the annual licenses. I would be happy to pay for several years at once if it was possible.

Thanks, I'll wait for Eric.


Hi Eric,

Sorry... I forgot to post my comment right away, and you already had answered when I hit save. I'll check our PayPal account,



Yeah it'd be no problem to do several years at a time with Paypal.

We unfortunately don't offer different pricing for that -- but anything you want to pay over 1 year, I'll certainly extend your license accordingly.

I'm not sure that we have a way to do multi-year purchases (or any custom purchases) with our standard cart, though if you'd like me to check with Joe I'd be happy to verify that.

Let us know how you'd like to proceed!

The fee is now transferred, I did send the info in a new issue.