Edit Proxy website should add "SSLProxyEngine on" to httpd.conf for virtualhost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:443

If a website to be reverse proxied has SSL enabled, the default action of Virtualmin causes calling browsers to crash with 500 server error. Adding SSLProxyEngine on to the httpd.conf file just before the ProxyPass statement resolves the issue.

Making the Virtualmin control insert that line would be a good thing.

Also, if the URL entered in the Virtualmin control is "https://something" instead of "http://something", the same issue arises, and the same solution applies.

I have Virtualmin GPL 6.03, Webmin 1.881, Centos 7.5 1804, Apache 2.4.6



When proxying to an SSL site, the SSLProxyEngine directive should be added already. Which page in Virtualmin did you setup proxying on?