Restore issues

I'm trying to migrate from server x to server y. I've done this several times before without issue, but now I'm stuck.

The backup works fine and without error.

I then ftp the backup files to the new server and use the Virtualmin "Restore Virtual Server"

When I select "local file" and point to the path, then click "Show what will be restore", the beautiful spinning wheel starts ... and never stops.

I've tried backing up to a single file (I have about 14 domains) and each domain to a separate file. The largest backup is 197mg and the smallest is 9mg. The only restore that functions properly is when I choose "upload to server", which is fine for the small files, but seems silly for 200mg.

Am I doing something wrong?




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

What if you look in /var/webmin/miniserv.error, do you see any errors logged in there while the restore is running?

[09/Jun/2018:15:07:27 +0000] [xx.xx.xx.xx] /virtual-server/restore.cgi : Timeout : Waited more than 60 seconds for request data

Thanks. Now it's clear what is happening, but why is it limited to 60 seconds?

Looks like your browser took a long time to start uploading data, by which time Virtualmin timed out.

A work-around would be to upload the backup files to the server via FTP or SSH, and then restore from a local file.

I am trying to use the "local file" but that's when I get the timeout. Only upload works, but that is not practical for the 300mg and larger domains. I've also tried using the Cloud Storage (I use Rackspace for servers and backups) but that also times out.

Does that "Waited more than 60 seconds for request data" error appear in miniserv.error even when restoring from a local file?

The answer is yes.

To be sure that I'm accurate, I just retested, in the following order. -local file -rackspace cloud files -upload (it worked, so no log entry)

[10/Jun/2018:23:28:38 +0000] [xx.xx.xx.xx] /virtual-server/restore.cgi : Timeout : Waited more than 60 seconds for request data [10/Jun/2018:23:47:15 +0000] [xx.xx.xx.xx] /virtual-server/restore.cgi : Timeout : Waited more than 60 seconds for request data

Which browser are you using there, and on which OS?

My primary is MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4

I've also tried chrome

Is there any kind of proxy server or firewall between the system running your browser and Virtualmin?

No there isn't.

Is there any kind of logging mode that I can turn on?

If you're using the Chrome browser, it might be useful to use the network debug tools to look at the timeline of the request.