Problem connecting to email server from thunderbird after Lets Encrypt certificate request

Hi there. I've been using my main virtual server in virtualmin with lets encrypt in order to support all my clients' connections to their own domains with valid SSL Certificate. So i use Let's Encrypt and request a certificate ofr all the default values but also for mail.domain1.tld, mail.domain2.tld etc. I also add those lines under autodiscover command line in "Directives for SSL" (ServerAlias mail.domain1.tld, ServerAlias mail.domain2.tld)

So that's how I am able to make thunderbird be able to use an encrypted connection.

A problem appeared yesterday some hours ago though. I generated a new SSSL Certificate for the main server and from that time noone can connect to the server using Thunderbird.

Can someone please let me know on what's the issue with authentication and SSL???? I am having a great problem with all my clients calling me, and i made no changes to my config...

Thanks in advance, Chill_Surf



Howdy -- unfortunately, we haven't been able to reproduce any issues with SSL and authentication. We also hadn't received other similar reports.

Since it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there, it would be best to troubleshoot the issue you're experiencing using the Forums.

If it turns out there is a bug, we can certainly look deeper into that here!

But for the initial troubleshooting -- what I'd recommend is open a new Forum post, and there, post the following information:

  • What error are you receiving when trying to connect to your server

  • What port are you connecting to

  • What authentication type is Thunderbird configured to use

From there, we can work out additional details about what's going on. Thanks!

Maybe just thunderbird need to validate new certificate. Some email apps stop working when ssl cert is new. You need to set "accept all certificates" somewhere.