VM NIC binding to wrong bridge

I didn't know which OS to put. The host OS is Debian 7.11. The guest OS is FreePBX, which is based on CentOS 7. However, I've had this issue on Debian, CentOS 6, ...

Main Steps to reproduce: - create empty system - set up the parameters as you normally would for any system; in my case, I've chosen 4GB RAM, 10GB HDD, set a hostname, ...

Path 1: - select manually entered ip addresses below: * gateway ip address from host system * don't get gateway ip address from host system

Path 2: - assign only on bridges br0 - enter ip address information for br0 below: * gateway ip address from host system - after vm is created, add in the additional interface for br1

Whether I use path 1 or 2, I then set up the ip addresses inside the vm.

I was able to fix this problem for a while by going in and swapping the br0 and br1 inside of cloudmin, and then swapping them back. However, that doesn't seem to be working any longer. This new vm I'm trying to get working is very pig headed about not wanting to work.

I can ping, but I cannot ping or or The host / does not have an active firewall.

For an example of one that works, mon1.hammersoftware.ca ( also works great, but it's running RouterOS (a highly customized Linux kernel/package manager).

I can give you access to, and if you'd like. you'll need to access from .152 or .153 because is not routing...it's only available across the br1 interface, even though it's bound to br0.

I can also give you access to the cloudmin interface.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Virtualmin version: 
Webmin version: 


Also, sometimes graphic console doesn't work on some vms. I don't know if this is related, or not. This particular VM it's working fine on.

I've tried sending you emails a couple of times now, but have received no responses.

Can you send one referencing this bug in the subject line ?

In 2021, this still proves to be an issue.