Cloudmin 9.3 and Centos 7.5 install issues

First attempt to install Cloudmin 9.3.kvm Pro on a new CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 server.

a. Didn't download the "pro" version, this is the GPL version, main screen says "Pro"

  1. No eth0 on this machine confuses Cloudmin installer. Error message "Use the --bridge-interface flag to set the correct interface" isn't really helpful on a brand new install. Probably would have been better to say something like "can't find eth0" would make it easier to figure what you are looking for.

  2. Now that we use "iproute2" type commands instead of brctl, Webmin won't create the bridge for you. (yum install bridge-utils fixed the script error)

  3. Complaints about "no fuser" command on the login screen for Webmin. #yum install psmisc fixed that, but perhaps it should be on the list of stuff to be installed initially?

  4. Cloudmin System Operations - File Manager is the old Java one still.

  5. Menu item: Add Exiting System: SSH login mode: Using SSH Key " : How do I define one?



Ignore #5. RTFM dummy is the answer to that one.

Looks like most of those dependencies should have been installed automatically.

What script did you use to install Cloudmin?

I'm confused about problem 2, because the install script already installs bridge-utils fairly early on in the process.

I had similar problems with the cloudmin scripts in CentOS 7.4 and also in Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 9...

@Jamie: Did you update the scripts recently?

thanks j:m

I tried to install on Digital Ocean now, and I get a lot of errors. This script is not complete, I even had to add an '=' sign to one variable. Please test this script and update as soon as possible. I tried it on Ubuntu and Centos. Just some examples:

yesno: command not found memory_ok: command not found log_debug: command not found log_error: command not found

Thank you

i am also wondeing whether we can expect a version of cloudminpro, which runs with recent versions of Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS flavours.

Anything you are able to share, guys?

Thanks and best