Automatic Redirect on Virtualmin servers

Good day,

I have two Virtualmin servers (One primary and one secondary) and i currently have Virtualmin Server Replication from Cloudmin replicating between both servers. I really need to know if there's an option to and how i configure Virtualmin (either with Cloudmin or otherwise) to automatically redirect users or to resolve to the Secondary Server if the primary Server fails or isn't available.



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How to do that depends on your setup.

If your VM's are stored on shared storage, such as NFS or iSCSI, you could use this automatic failover described here:

If you have independent servers, you could use DNS-based failover, as described here:

Let us know if that helps with what you're after!

Thanks for your response Andrey. They are independent servers each with its own storage on our SAN and we use Virtualmin Server Replication on Cloudmin to sync changes from the Primary to the secondary.

I had earlier setup the mode the from the DNS Roundrobin article but I'm a little bit confused on how it works.

The major useof our VIrtualmin Servers is to create Virtual Servers for our customers and they are used for Mail hosting. So in a situation where DNS Roundrobin is being used, which hostname will serve as their MX Record and with which they can also access their Virtual Server, will it be the DNS Record (in the Record name) created in DNS Roundrobin?

Also, in our own DNS Servers, will we be pointing cloudmin's IP and both the Primary and Secondary Virtualmin Servers IP to this DNS Record created in cloudmin?

I look forward to your enlightenment.


Ok, so it sounds like what you want is a DNS entry that points to the primary IP address if it's up, but two the secondary IP otherwise? Cloudmin does have a feature for this at System Monitoring -> Roundrobin DNS Records.

I believe so Jamie. Apparently, that's what i need a little explanation on. Which Master DNS Record am i going to create for this and how will i create this DNS Record to resolve to the IP of both my Primary and Secondary Server?


Hello Jamie,

I have already gone through that documentation. I'm asking for explanation on Creating a Master DNS Record on Cloudmin. "Which Master DNS Record am i going to create for this and how will i create this DNS Record to resolve to the IP of both my Primary and Secondary Server?"

I'm confused - what do you mean by "master DNS record" ?

okay... so when creating a Roundrobin DNS Record, what is supposed to be in the "Record name" and "DNS Zone" options Also, is DNS Zone/Record name created here going to be what wil serve as our, for example in case of email servers, MX Record with which a Virtual Server can be assessed which will now forward requests to either the primary or secondary server?


Normally "Record name" would be something like www and "DNS Zone" would be

For this to work, the DNS host has to be hosted on the Cloudmin master - not on the Virtualmin system(s).