Services Down for GPL

In cloudmin under the "Cloudmin Managed Systems" the Services Down section only shows for Virtualmin Pro but it would also be nice to see this with Virtualmin GPL installs also.

After all if you can add the GPL server that feature should be there as well... especially if you are using the server for secondary DNS .



Do you mean the "Detailed system status" section? That appears for me.

When you click on list managed systems the right window far right says services down. For VM pro it lists them or it says OK in green. For the GPL version. It's blank.

I just tested this, and Virtualmin GPL systems shows their status just fine on my test server. Only systems with Webmin only are lacking it.

Hmm ya know come to think of it I don't think I installed VM gpl.

When I get home I'll check... I might be a idiot making this ticket.