Email problem


i am wondering whether this is a bug or a feature:

Given i have domain1.tld and domain2.tld on the same server. Now i disable domain2.tld and move it over to a new server. In my understanding every service for domain2.tld is also disabled.

if info@domain1.tld sends an email to info@domain2.tld, it will be delivered locally to the disabled virtual host, although the mailserver and IP adress for domain2.tld has changed in DNS.

Bug or Feature? Thanks and best j_m



Howdy -- hmm, the behavior you're seeing is what happens when the "Mail for Domain" feature is enabled for a given domain. It's possible that, even disabled, that email feature is causing emails to deliver locally.

What you may want to try is to disable the Mail for Domain feature, and see if that resolve the issue.


i thought, that, if i disable a virtual server, i also disable the services for it, no?

Thanks and best j_m

Yeah we'll need to get Jamie's insight into that to determine whether or not it's intended.

In the meantime though, to prevent the problem you're experiencing, disabling the feature would be what I'd try.

By "disabled", but you mean turning the feature off on the Edit Virtual Server page, or on the "Disable Domain" page?


i thought when i disable a website, email server for that website will be also disabled by default. I did now disable the email service on that disabled website and will see, what happens.

Best j_m

It's configurable - you can choose which features get disabled when a domain is disabled on the Virtualmin Configuration page?