Hi, a quick one:

Did you remove Mailman from Virtualmin?

Installed new servers with Debian9.4 and Ubuntu 16.04, and couldn‘t find mailman

Thanks and best j_m



No, it's still included. If the Mailman plugin is missing, try installing it by running apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-mailman

The last couple of installations i did woth the cloudminpro and virtualmin installer dod not install mailman, that‘s why i was asking.

Thanks and best

I gave it another shot with a virtualmin / webmin combo and mailman wasn't installed again. can you please check the installation routine? Or is this because i used virtualmin gpl script?

Thanks and best j_m

I actually think Joe did remove Mailman from a default installation, as it's use has gone down quite a bit amongst our users.

We didn't remove it from the repository though, just from a default installation... so if you'd like Mailman, no problem, you can install it using the command Jamie shared above.


this clears things up, because i had problems moving domains from one server to another, the first has had mailman installed, the other one was a new setup, where it was missing mailman, so i was wondering.

Thanks and best.

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i just tried to install that package from webmin add software package option and it said this:

Use of uninitialized value in split at /usr/share/webmin/acl/acl-lib.pl line 1921.

can i ignore this or do i have to fix this and how can i fix it? It would be nice, if the Webmin module for mailman would be available, even if it is not active, so one can activate and install it from module. Best