Maintain destination list for backups

It would be really nice to be able to maintain a list of destinations for backups, for easy restore. Something like the Cloud Storage providers.

What I'd like to end up with would be the ability, when going to a restore, backup, or set up a scheduled backup, is to be able to just select a previously defined backup destination, be it FTP, SSH, etc. Bonus point for being able to select a previously defined file mask as well.




This is sort-of supported already - you can go to the Backup Logs page, and select a previous backup to restore from.

True, and it works great for grabbing a recent backup, form the host that took the backup. Initially, I was looking for a quick way to restore a backup from the "Restore backup" module. Now, in reference to Issue(, it sure we great to A) be able to replicate the backup logs/entries so I could easily pull that backup from the destination replica, or B) be able to at least input the backup FTP server options and browse to the backup I need.

Another option, if the backup destination is scheduled, is to go to the Scheduled Backups page and click the "Restore .." link next to one of the schedules.