Show command line equivalent for backup/restore operations


It sure would be nice if you can show the command line equivalent command on the backup and restore operations. I know it's a minor thing that would help strengthen command line knowledge - I always struggle to find the right "feature name".

And can output of "feature names" be added to virtualmin --help? That would be handy...

Keep up the great work!

-- Craig



Oh I do the "list-features" option now - awesome! Still would be nice to see the command too.

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

When restoring a domain, using --all-features restores all features that were previously enabled. It wouldn't actually be necessary to pass in each feature name, unless you're looking to enable a select few.

An example of how we personally like to use the backup and restore commands can be seen here:

Does that answer your question though, or did you want us to go into more detail regarding that?

Thanks for the link!

I still need a little more detail, for example if I want to backup domain and grab only the web files and mysql db I'd run this...

virtualmin backup-domain --dest /tmp/ --strftime --newformat --feature dir --feature mysql --domain

The virtualmin list-features command shows:

root@web01:~# virtualmin list-features
Code                 Description                                        Enabled
-------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------
unix                 Administration user                                Auto
dir                  Home directory                                     Auto
dns                  BIND DNS domain                                    No
mail                 Mail for domain                                    No
web                  Apache website                                     Yes
webalizer            Webalizer reporting                                No
ssl                  SSL website                                        Off
logrotate            Log file rotation                                  Auto
mysql                MySQL database                                     Off
postgres             PostgreSQL database                                Off
ftp                  ProFTPD virtual FTP                                No
spam                 Spam filtering                                     No
virus                Virus filtering                                    No
status               Status monitoring                                  No
webmin               Webmin login                                       Off
virtualmin-awstats   AWstats reporting                                  Off

So how would I add the sub-servers (homes directory) to the previous backup command? It seems some features are missing from the command line info as compared to the web interface. So I though simply displaying the command that will be run would be nice so we can see the command line version of the features/options. Does that make sense?

-- Craig

For sub-servers, you can either list them with extra --domain flags followed by a domain name, or user the --user flag followed by the domain owner to backup all his domains.

Ok, how do I lookup those commands? Can I see those in virtualmin help?

You can see the list of options available for backups by running "virtualmin backup-domain" without any additional options.