Can't select fpm version

Hello :)

This issue has been here since the support of FPM in virtualmin. It's great that it's now handled, but it's a problem if we have many PHP version installed. In my case, I have PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. But if I select fpm, it will automatically use php7.0-fpm, and I can't change it (if I go to PHP version, it tells me I'm using mod_php, which is not right).

Thank you!



Yes, right now only a single FPM version is supported - there's no way yet to switch between multiple FPM installs.

The problem is I can't uninstall fpm for php 7.0 or it tries to remove php completely :(

What command are you using to install FPM for PHP 7.0 exactly?