Enabling PHP 7 PPA: [2018-03-05 11:06:52 EST] [ERROR] Failed with error: 1

When trying to install virtualmin via wget install it seems to have failed at installing PHP7 (that I don't want anyway) as it did not seem to download. The error was:

Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:ondrej/php'.
Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.

My magento 1.9.x is not ready for PHP and in my previous install I was Using PHP5. I don not want to change to the new Magento as I don't want to have to fix it and many of my extensions will not work with the new PHP

SO I guess the question is how to install wget -O install.sh http://software.virtualmin.com/cgi-bin/install.cgi?serial=xxxxxxxx\&key=xxxxxxxxxxx; /bin/sh install.sh That by the way does not work until I add an sudo just before /bin/sh install.sh, so the text for the install is not the correct syntax for Ubutnu 14.04.5. sowget -O install.sh http://software.virtualmin.com/cgi-bin/install.cgi?serial=xxxxxxxx\&key=xxxxxxxxxxx; sudo /bin/sh install.sh works



Howdy -- thanks for letting us know!

We're looking into this issue.

So I may have an Idea what went wrong in the install.sh. At about line:655

if [ "$os_type" = "ubuntu" ]; then
    case "$os_version" in
      run_ok "add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php" "Enabling PHP 7 PPA"
      repos="virtualmin-trusty virtualmin-universal"
      repos="virtualmin-xenial virtualmin-universal"

It seems perhaps the PPA has changed. The following is no longer available "add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php" "Enabling PHP 7 PPA". Search for the PPA I found "Index of /ondrej/php/ubuntu". If you try to go to the parent directoy you get the developer's "https://launchpad.net/~ondrej" page

Perhaps the change would be"add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php/ubuntu" I however am on a production server so I hesitate to make the change myself as I most likely would find it difficult to undo any damage, and I did not finish my programmer degree (did 2 of 4 years) when I discovered I can't tolerate sitting at a keyboard for a long time. Typing makes my sphincter hurt.

That's a good find there!

Here's where I would start -- it sounds like you don't need that repository on this server, is that correct?

If so, I'm wondering if it's a simple matter of just commenting out the line that's trying to enable that repository.

It's not necessary in any way for Virtualmin, it's just there to provide folks with an additional PHP version.

But I think you said you don't need that, and I believe the install will complete without that line in there.

Does that sound like a good plan? Am I correct that you don't need PHP 7 on this server?

Yes I do not need or want PHP, because going to the newest version of Magento is always a problem. I have learned the hard way always to stay a year or more with the older version, the reason being the no longer have the correct statements to update the data base. It used to be Magento had an IF EXISTS to check tables that did or did not need updating, but instead mostly breaks things. Also It takes some time the the free and purchased extensions to work with each update, or in short any new "Community Edition" is a beta version and I have better things to do :-) So thanks for your suggestion and will try the #commit it out idea. My current PHP is 5.5.9 and well enough Thanks James

Run this before install.sh The add-apt-repository command was not installed ;)

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

Had to add public key for webmin launchpad also:

apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 4F4EA0AAE5267A6C