Always the same problems with the shared certificates..

We need to update our certificate on many virtual servers and my guy is asking me this:

Can you ask virtualmin support if they have any command line API to automate the “Stop SSL Certificate Sharing” button? I have checked for a command line in their documentation and could not find one.

Also I have tried to run something like this: wget -O - --quiet --http-user=root --http-passwd='*****' --no-check-certificate

And this thing is not allowed since the authentication over HTTP headers is not allowed here.

The problem is that we have 50 domains that share their certificates and there is no way to automate it. Also I go and click manually on that button and it stops the sharing for awhile and it comes back as it was in few minutes.

Thanks to help



You can do this from the command line with a command like virtualmin modify-web --domain --break-ssl-cert

This could be called in a shell loop over all domains with SSL enabled if needed.

Thanks Jamie,

I transfered your reply and i'll get back to confirm once i get feedback.