Transfer virtual server hangs

Transferring a virtual server hangs. The following message is displayed like it's still loading but never completes:

Transferring to ..
Backing up to destination system ..
.. backup done
Validating backup ..
.. all domains transferred successfully

Restoring backup on destination system ..

The domain being transferred does appear to be transferred to the destination host.



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We may need Jamie's input on the cause of the loading issue you're seeing there, but does the domain actually transfer? Can you see it in Virtualmin on the other server now?

As far as I can tell it appears to have transferred successfully to the destination server. However, it's missing the SSL settings which I believe is related to the other ticket I opened regarding SSL settings not being restored.


I take that back, it doesn't hang, it just takes a really really long time for a domain that doesn't have any content before finally displaying

Failed to transfer server : Virtual server is already hosted on the destination system

Prior to initiating the transfer, the domain doesn't exist on the destination.

The options used to transfer the domain are:

root password for destination system: "blank as host is using SSH key for auth" Action after transfer "do nothing" Overwrite existing domain set to "No" Replicating to remote system? "No"


Must have been a fluke that last time when it displayed "Virtual server is already hosted on the destination system". I've been waiting almost an hour at this point and the transfer server module displays "Restoring backup on destination system .." and sits there. The domain does appear to be transferred to the destination system though. Even the SSL feature is properly enabled whereas before everything appeared to transfer with the exception of the SSL feature being unchecked.

How large is this domain? It may be taking a long time to restore after the transfer.

The size of the domain isn't the issue. In fact, the domain and all the files appear to have transferred successfully. We're talking about less than 100 meg.

Are you able to successfully transfer a domain with virtualmin without it hanging?

It looks like maybe the connection to the remote system was terminated by the transfer process.

Are you doing this transfer via the web UI, or using the transfer-domain command line tool?

I've narrowed down the issue a bit. This morning I transferred a server that didn't have an IPv6 address assigned and it worked perfectly. I then created another domain that didn't have an IPv6 address and it successfully transferred it as well.

I then created a domain with an IPv6 address that's valid at the destination host and it transferred successfully.

In short, it appears that if you transfer a domain with an IPv6 address assigned that isn't valid at the destination host, the transfer hangs. It's worth noting that IPv6 address assigned to the domain on the source host is added to the NIC on the destination host. However, since the IP isn't valid on the destination host, the address is unreachable.

I hope this helps narrow down things a bit. If you need me to perform additional test please let me know.


Oh, interesting. So for the problem domains, does the v6 address of the transferred domain get enabled on the destination system?

Yes, the v6 address is added to the NIC on the destination server.

Is it possible to have the transfer wizard assign a v6 address out of the template on the destination server? Or does the transfer wizard always assume the IP address is going to remain the same on the destination server? What if one wants to transfer domains to a new sever and assign the domains new dedicated IP addresses?

The only way I've found to work around this in the meantime is to assign the domain an IPv6 address that's valid on the destination server prior to transferring it. If I do it this way the transfer works as expected. However, assigning a new address to each domain is time consuming and results in downtime for the domains being transferred.

If the domain had it's own private IPv4 or v6 address already, it will be carried across during the transfer, rather than being re-allocated. I suspect that during the process of bringing up the new IP, open network connections to the remote system are interrupted, which causes it to appear to hang forever.

If that were the case, then any domain transferred with a dedicated IP would fail.

In comment #10 , what did you mean by an address that isn't valid on the destination system?

In other words, if you assign your server IP address, that doesn't mean it's going to work. (that IP is invalid for your server). I thought it pertinent to mention the fact that the IP was invalid on the destination host in the event the source server was trying to ssh to that IP to verify connectivity or something.