Root 1 LetsEncrypt Certificate missing after successful ssl creation

Hi there, I created an SSL certificate using LetsEncrypt in a fresh Centos 7 and virtualmin installation (both updated) Everything works, but I noticed that computers running Eset Smart Security, give an error instead of the sites.

So i used and i get an error "root 1 certificate missing".

I checked domain too, and it gives the same error.

Is this a major bug? How can I fix this in order to be correctly updated automatically?



Howdy -- hmm, viewing other SSL checkers I'm not seeing any issues with

Also, we haven't experienced any browser problems or user complaints.

Lastly, I do see some references to false positives with the sslchecker site and Let's Encrypt certs, incorrectly providing an error like you're seeing.

Are you experiencing any problems with any browsers while accessing your site?