Let user upload/insert Apache rules WITHOUT .htaccess support

Hello, nowadays .htaccess file is becoming more and more obsolete.

The response time on Apache is definitely ruined by htaccess. Eg. on my server the htaccess usage may cause 3-4-6-800 ms more, just for the server to respond...

It's clear that is no longer recommended (if it ever was...)

In this case, if on the one hand I don't know why the Apache syntax is so vulnerable and it doesn't isolate the Vhosts...

on the other hand, it could be really useful that when AllowOverride None

if by Usermin, the server users could send their rules to a "form":

  • the users add/edit a Directory rule
  • it checks for the rules validation (eg. the same method as apachectl configtest or even copied from that)
  • if rules validated, it automatically adds the rules to the user target <Directory ...>...</Directory>
  • if rules are duplicated from root <Directory />...</Directory> or from the target directory, it deletes the specific rule and keep the others
  • if NOT validated, let the Admin check the rules and then decide what to do together with the client
  • AND, even if validated, also provide an option where the Admin may still be able to check the rules before inserting them into the Directory

What are your thoughts on this? In my opinion, that would be great.