Can't create DNS & MySQL zones/logins/databases

Hey guys, I'm having a nightmare trying to get Cloudmin Connect to work properly. please know that EVERYTING is configured properly (all servers use the same webmin user, all permissions for the user are allowed, and it spontaneously works once in a while but FAR from reliably).

I get the following errors when trying to create a new domain

Adding new DNS zone on services host ..
.. creation failed : provision-dns-zone failed : Missing --record parameter Create a DNS zone for a system owner. cloudmin provision-dns-zone --domain name [--record text]+ [--slave IP]* [--owner name] Exit status: 256

Creating MySQL login on services host ..
.. MySQL database failed! : The module mysql-db.introsec.lan-root already exists at /usr/share/webmin/ line 1433.

for MySQL i've tried removing the directory that it's mentioning... when checking Webmin debug logs, it appears that its not even trying to connect to the DNS server I can't manually create the DNS zone or MySQL login/db I just really don't know what to do anymore. Thanks for any help

  • Andre


Wow, those are unusual errors. Would it be possible for us to login to your systems to see what's going wrong? We'd need root SSH access.