MIMEDefang detected in configuration verification script which halts, although it is not running/used


I am using Webmin 1.860 (Virtualmin 6.01) under CentOS Linux 7.4.1708 with postfix as a mail server. I performed some experiments with MIMEDefang (installation from EPEL) and then I removed it. It is not present within any config file.

However, when I try to check Virtuemart's configuration, I get "The MIMEdefang mail filter can only be used with Sendmail" and the script stops without any further checking.

I cannot find any reference to MIMEdefang anywhere within the system and I could not find anywhere what the configuration script checks and locates it.

Can anyone help regarding this issue, that is overcome this MIMEDefang checking error?

Thank you



Howdy -- it sounds like Virtualmin itself has been configured to use MIMEDefang.

That's an option within the Virtualmin Mail Relay plugin; if it's enabled, Virtualmin will attempt to use MIMEdefang; though as you saw in that case it's necessary to use Sendmail.

You can either disable that option, or, you could even remove the Virtualmin Mail Relay plugin if it's not being used.

It doesn't sound like you're seeing a bug though -- and it appears you're using Virtualmin GPL there... if you have any additional questions, and you're using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the Forums for support.

We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!