Automatic cloning my system

Hi Guys I just tried to find these menu point on my actual virtualmin server.

My problem at the moment is that I want to configure a backup system which should include all customers informations (mails, DBs, homepages and so on) so that I can switch easily to this server in case of emergency. At the moment I'm using the "normal" virtualmin backup solution for virtual server via SSH to this other virtualmin server. But in a case of emergency I would need to restore these server first.

Best Regards for any help!


P.S.: Maybe Cloudmin Connect is a solution? In another ticket here I asked you to extend my license from 50 to unlimited domains and as far as I know the cloudmin connect license is included there?



Is the system you are trying to clone a VM that is managed by Cloudmin? If so, you could setup a cron job that using the "cloudmin clone-system" API command to regularly duplicate it.

No - these are 2 hardware server ... both with virtualmin installed ...

The best we can offer in that case is cloning Virtualmin domains via a regular backup and restore, which is something that Cloudmin can automate. But it's not a full system image.