BIND DNS error


I have latest Virtualmin GPL on Centos 7.4 If i try add a virtual server with "DNS domain" option, then BIND has error. In zone config file, line 21: "none". I tried turn off the DNSSEC option, but the problem not solved.




I turned on the DNS domain function afterwards. I changed the zone master record. I changed the default MX record. I also turned on SPF and DMARC records. Yes, there are more virtual servers. In each case, the error occurs.

petati94 , I think we understand what the issue is, it sounds like a Virtualmin bug that we've seen in certain circumstances recently.

We may need Jamie's advice as to how to resolve it within Virtualmin, but for the moment the solution to getting BIND up and running again would be to remove that "none" word that's appearing in there.

Yeah, this looks like a recent known bug - the work-around is to go to System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> BIND DNS Domain and in the "DNS records" box enter a line that will be ignored by BIND, like :

; test