Moving virtualserver cause webmin start failure

If you try to move a virtualserver with SSL feature to an other directory by going to Server Configuration > Change Domain Name, and change home directory, the webmin miniserv won't restart.

This is because the path to the ssl keys (ipcert_* and ipkey_*) of this virtualserver server are wrong in /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

Example: I have a disk mounted on /mnt/f, and I changed the path of the virtualserver to /mnt/f/home/ The ipcert and ipkey conf keys became :,*,*

Instead of:,*,*




Thanks for reporting this - that's clearly a bug which we need to fix.

I did some testing with latest Virtualmin, but wasn't able to re-produce this.

Do you have Apache or Nginx enabled as the webserver for this problem domain?