How to get rid of "Your system's primary IP address appears to have changed from A to B. Virtual servers using the old address may be unreachable or serve the wrong web content."


In the past I have changed the IP of the server as well as the IP in the virtualhost blocks and changed the site address from Virtualmin. I am not sure it was the most kosher of ways, but ever since I am stuck with the message from the subject; things work fine otherwise. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

I tried grepping for the old IP in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains, but no success. Is there some other place where these things are defined?




There should be a button you can click when that message is displayed, to update Virtualmin's idea of the new IP.

Thanks Jamie, I was a bit reluctant to do that since this is production, but Virtualmin checked and said there is nothing to be changed (as I had already changed the IPs everywhere).

Got rid of the notification now.