multiple ssl domain non-ssl domain same ip

Hello, please, can you help me configuring multiple ssl domain on a single lamp server? Lamp is running Centos 6.9 and Apache 2.2.15, Virtualmin Pro version 6.00. I have 140 virtual server running here and for 6 of them I need to enable SSL using a GeoTrust certificate. I tested SSL on other host running same software versions and Virtualmin GPL. Unfortunately I saw that if I enable SSL for one domain, all other domains will respond to SSL request too but with a "not secure connection" message. I already search for something useful into the forum or googling but nothing is clear for me. Can you suggest me how to configure what I need using Virtualmin? Thanks.




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like you're doing everything right; the behavior you're describing is normal.

If you're using one IP address, and SSL is enabled for some of the domains on that IP address, any other domain sharing that IP not configured for SSL will indeed receive an error, if someone tries to access an SSL version of that site.

That's just the way Apache works, there isn't a way to prevent that.

There's two ways to work around that --

One, you could always get another IP address, and use that for domains with SSL.

Then one particular IP would be for domains with SSL, and the other IP for domains without it.

Two, you could always give other domains a free "Let's Encrypt" SSL Certificate. That's something you can go in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates.

Will either of those do what you're after?

Hi !

Thank you very much. Now situation is very clear.

We will decide internally what to do. I will write you again in case we need your support again but I think not.

Bye bye!