Is OpenArc planned ?

Headers on Gmail ARC-Seal: ARC-Message-Signature: ARC-Authentication-Results:



It's not something we are currently looking into. How is it better than DMARC?

I am investigating exactly the same thing. The problem is with virtualmin forwarding email:

Say I have virtualmin server with domain set up with a mail alias * to forward all mail to Quite a common set up.

A user from 3rd party domain, say sends mail to, the mail is forwarded by my server to

The issue is the From address is still but coming from my IP. and of course my IP is not in DMARC/SPF rules. This then looks like I am spoofing email addresses, bounces and/or gets me blacklisted.

I believe ARC is designed to mitigate this issue.

Ah, that is useful. I'll add this to my TODO list for future releases.


Looking forward to having ARC support as well! Thanks