Error Failed to install script : Another script is already installed in /home/username/public_html.

We've purchased Virtualmin Professinal for 100 domains and now starting to experiment with it before going to production. Noticed several inconsistencies, for each of them I'll be filing separate issues. So here is the first one...

Guess someone created a virtual server and then installed Drupal just to see what it was and how it worked, then s/he decides to install WordPress, so goes to Install Scripts > Available Scripts, selects WordPress and sees:

Error Failed to install script : Another script is already installed in /home/username/public_html.

That's a good error notice if someone is trying to override the already installed script, but what if someone wants to do it intentionally? So from usability purposes it would be much better not to through error at this stage, but give a warning about existing script and if user wants to proceed then to wipe out the public_html directory, drop the associated database and then to install a new script.

I know that after seeing the reported error users could go to Installed Scripts once again, uninstall the script and then install the desired one. But why not to make it easy for users by eliminating extra steps if they want to override the installed script.

Just an idea how to make it better. Thanks for consideration!



I suppose we could add an option at that stage to un-install the old script before installing the new one .. although since this is already possible in the UI with only a few extra clicks, I'm not totally convinced that it's worth the extra code complexity.

Fair enough. This was not critical at all. I was just giving you ideas how to improve comfort and usability for Virtualmin users.