Please add server name back to page title

Previously we could roll over the virtualmin page/tab and see | virtualmin version | system canonical name | OS version |, with the latest updates it only shows the virtualmin version. Can you please add back the other information?

Thanks! -- Craig



Which Virtualmin theme are you using there?

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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 08/25/2017 - 20:54 Pro Licensee

I still see the title, including the OS, as expected on my servers with Authentic Theme 18.49-9. It might also be browser-related. What browser are you using?

Running Firefox Virtualmin Framed Theme

You might want to consider switching to the Authentic Theme.

yes it's very nice but on certain pages (usually virtualmin/webmin configuration pages) it won't scroll - just jumps to the bottom of the page - and/or it won't let me click the "save" button, I click it but nothing happens... So I switched back to an older theme.

I just tested authentic again and I am able to edit virtualmin's configuation, the second time I tried it wouldn't let me save the changes. This is on Firefox. I'll move back to authentic since clearly that's the way forward.

Also, you can configure where the hostname and OS are displayed at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> User Interface.

Actually, you may be seeing an issue with the theme package. Which version of the ust-virtual-server-theme RPM do you have installed?