Redirect no longer exists /virtual-server/edit_redirect.cgi?dom=some number

something is wrong with my SSL and I don't know why it is no longer working. My Comodo EV certificate only seems to work in the Magento admin pages. The cert is valid and Virtualmin >> Server Configuration >> Manage SSL Certificate shows "This SSL certificate is already being used by : Dovecot, Usermin, ProFTPD, Postfix", but shouldn't it show one more item like the domain or apache or something? While trying to figure this out I discovered that edit_redirect.cgi not longer loads and I get the error "Redirect no longer exists"

Call Stack Trace

File Line Function
/usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/edit_redirect.cgi 12 WebminCore::error
(eval 66) 6 (eval)
/usr/share/webmin/ 2421 (eval)
/usr/share/webmin/ 936 miniserv::handle_request

So I am not able to "Enable redirect for" and I also notice the https://localhost:10000/ URL show no SSL connection. Is there a list of what the owners should be above public_html? rithe now they are all nilandtrading:nilandtrading. Seems I remember the where something else? Somewhere along the way I ended up with dual apache configurations ( virtual serves) like nilandtrading.conf and 0-nilandtrading.conf so I removed the later ones. I really really do not want to start over! I just finally got Thunderbird to work with my email and it took a long time to figure it out as nothing would authorize or use an smtp port other then 25 Thanks James